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Rap in Church (sort of)

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write a spoken word/poetry/rap/thing (still not sure what to call it) for our Easter service here at the church. I wanted it to in a real way, to be a re-telling of the Easter story, but also take it beyond that into the “so what” of the story and how it affects how we live our lives today. Below is the video of me actually doing it and beneath that are the words. Hope you like it!

[Vimeo 10778592]

Forever, Death is Conquered

It’s a pretty familiar story, told in all of its glory
The Risen King, coming to bring a reason to sing!
Or at least show up on Sunday
It’s got all the ingredients, all the pieces in place
One man accused; mocked, beaten, abused
Everyone against him, no one to stand with him
Seems like an open and shut case

Put on display as something less than a man
The mock trial began as he stands before the people
The same people who praised and with palm-branches raised
Shouted “Hosanna” with a worshipful gaze
My how things can change in just a couple-a-days
But now all he hears are chants of “Crucify him!”
And as he looks around, still no one stands beside him

Put him up on a cross; the last bit of his dignity lost
You see for you and me, salvation is free
But this; this is the cost
And after fighting and gasping for every breath
He gave up his spirit because he had nothing left
No more stories to tell, no more people to heal
Even the Roman guard knew that this guy was for real!

But it was far from over

And as the disciples lock doors, close windows, and hide
The women mourned and cried because their savior had just died
Inside they’re broken, looking for some relief
Anything to remove the stain, to ease the pain of their grief

But he didn’t stay down; He didn’t lay down and quit
He rose from the grave in 3 days because his power’s legit
Recorded in Scripture so we’d never forget
That with a cross and three nails, Christ tipped the scales
And paid off our debt

So now we show up on Sunday with a new shirt and tie
But during the week we’re still living a lie
We’ve forgotten the reason that Christ had to die

Let’s remember together that forever, death is conquered
No longer looming, dooming us for eternity
Christ’s blood covers it all, every wrong thing we’ve ever done
And the resurrection of God’s Son
Is the reason we get together and remember
That thru the glorious sacrifice of Christ,
Death is conquered forever.


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Monologue: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Monologue that I wrote to go before and after a drama I wrote. Here are some related links to check out. Monologue: Part 1, Drama Synopsis. Enjoy.


So you tell me, what I’m supposed to do now
I’m wonderin how
Tryin to make the most, but I’m dangerously close
To abandoning my post
And throwing in the towel
I’m left with just pieces, shreds
A mere fraction of the original
With each decision equally pivotal
In my direction, which upon further inspection
Put me on a path, fast, to a condition that’s critical
I abandoned the source
Slowly drifting off course
Until I felt the force
Of You
Pulling me back
So I return with me head down and hands up
Offering all I am up
I can hardly stand up
Feeling safer on my knees
And after all that, look where it’s gotten me
Alone in a place where it’s only You that I see
And finally I realize that I’m right……
Where You want me to be

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Monologue: Part 1

This is Part 1 of a 2 part monologue that goes before and after a “Musical Drama” that I wrote to “The Best of You.” To read the storyline for the drama and to give the monologue some context, check out my previous post. But without further stalling, here’s Part 1. Enjoy.


From the outside my life could pass as ordinary
My ability to fool you with a fake smile is scary
Carry the weight of the world as it’s hurled onto my shoulder blades
My passion for life fades as it’s tied to
Popularity and good grades
The American Dream seems like an endless pursuit
At the root is hopelessness trying to
Snag another recruit
I’m shooting down insecurity with words that are sure to be
Beneficial and inspired, required reading for life
Met Jesus-the Christ, went from naughty to nice
Even prayed the prayer twice
Just to be sure
I get frustrated at times
The lines blurred and twisted
Between best and the rest
My chance came and I missed it
Life filled with good but not great
Didn’t hesitate to make
A mistake or two, or three
Can’t you see?
There’s nothing left to debate
Caught up, in a sense, in what I was brought up against
Now my only defense
Is to get back the pieces

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