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Shows that I Wished I Was On While I Was Growing Up

1. All That – Out of all the shows on this list, this is the one that I would have done anything to be on. I was already a smart-allecky 12 year-old who was constantly on stage wherever I went (at least I was in my head). I’m not sure how good I would have been at creating characters, but I was very good at imitating characters like “Ed” (Good Burger), “Super Dude”, and “Ishbuu.” They also had one of the best theme songs (performed by TLC) and had cool musical guests like, Da Brat, Soul 4 Real, Immature, and Craig Mack. Oh, and you know Kenan Thompson from SNL? This is where he got his start (see the video below).

– Nick Arcade – So, you’re telling me that I come on your show, and you’re going to have me play video games and answer questions about video games, and you’re going to give me prizes and cash? Where do I sign up?

– Salute Your Shorts – I grew up going to camp every summer, and no matter how much fun my camp experience was, I always imagined it being 10 times better at Camp Anawana. I wanted to play ball with Pinsky and Telly, pull a prank on Ug with Budnick, or just hang out at the lodge with everybody. It didn’t matter to me that their food (when they showed it) was atrocious and their activities were pretty dismal. I just wanted to be there.

**I couldn’t find a usable clip of the opening credits, so I just found a clip from the show. It starts in the middle of an episode where there are hunting for treasure using a fake map that Budnick sold to them.

– GUTS – I was an athlete. I’ll humbly say ‘was’, because I’m not exactly doing line-drills in the gym for hours like I used to. And this was the ultimate athlete game show. Kicking, jumping, running, throwing, climbing, this show had it all, and I just knew that if I was on that show, I would totally dominate. The challenges were sweet along with the host (Mike O’Malley) and of course, Mo, the British lady who would have to explain the challenges to the audience (and probably to Mike as well.) Top it off with climbing a fake mountain and taking home ‘a piece of the crag’ if you won, meant this show was everything I wanted in a show that liked to watch instead of being active myself.

– Double Dare – One of the original Nickelodeon game shows, this paved the way for many other shows on this list. I always wanted to lean into the microphone and say, “Physical challenge.” Also, with the dynamic duo of Marc Summers and announcer Harvey, everything seemed twice as exciting as it actually was. And then there was the final challenge, slipping and sliding all over the place, grabbing and stuffing flags and loading up on prizes with each completed challenge.

– Wild and Crazy Kids – This felt like the one that I was closest to actually getting on. Not that I ever did anything to get on it, but since it wasn’t acting and it wasn’t in a studio, it felt like if I just went down to the local ball field or pool that I would see them filming and I would grab a shirt and compete. Donny Jeffcoat, Omar Gooding (Cuba Gooding Jr.’s little brother) and two different girls shared hosting duties and occaionally jumped into the games. All the games seemed to be things that I could have done in my backyard and this was the other one that I felt like I could have dominated had I ever found that park where they were filming.

*Bonus for having Ashley Johnson from Growing Pains!


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College Football Weekly – Week 7

After taking a week off, we’re back and still talking about college football in Week 7 of our series, “College Football Weekly.” This week, we: hand out mid-season team grades; look back at some ‘what were you thinking’ moments; get caught up with the standings; as well as pick games including: Texas/Nebraska, Ohio State/Wisconsin, Arkansas/Auburn, and 4 others.

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College Football Weekly- Week 4

EPISODE 4 – Topics Include: who we think is college football’s top coach; best match-up to see in-person; best game-day atmosphere; and pick winners from the following games: Cal/Arizona; Stanford/Notre Dame; West Virginia/LSU; South Carolina/Auburn, Oregon State/Boise State, and Alabama/Arkansas.

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College Football Weekly – Week 3

After taking too much time throughout the week talking about college football and how the ‘experts’ don’t know anything and we know it all (…tumbleweed blows by…), we decided to actually put our conversations on video and prove we know it all (cough, cough). On the left is Nick Cleveland, our High School pastor, in the middle is Jesse Sansom, a senior in HSM, and me.

We’re up to Episode 3 (below), but I’ve put all 3 episodes into this post and will be posting each subsequent episode every Friday. Check ’em out, and if you have any suggestions or sarcastic remarks, please, leave them in the comments section!

EPISODE 3 – Topics Include: Denard Robinson and the early Heisman picks; which teams are surprising and disappointing so far, as well as which teams we think are overachieving and underachieving; and pick winners from the following games: Georgia Tech/North Carolina; Clemson/Auburn; Arkansas/Georgia; Iowa/Arizona; and Texas/Texas Tech.

EPISODE 2 – Topics Include: the Reggie Bush/Heisman situation; whether or not Boise State is a national title contender; and pick winners from the following games: Michigan/Notre Dame, Georgia/South Carolina; Oregon/Tennessee; Penn State/Alabama; Florida State/Oklahoma; and Miami/Ohio State.

EPISODE 1 – Topics Include: the Big 10 expansion, BCS Bowl predictions, and pick winners from the following games: Colorado/Colorado State; SMU/Texas Tech; Uconn/Michigan; North Carolina/LSU; Oregon State/TCU; and Boise State/Virginia Tech.

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MSM Mission Trip – Dayton Recap Vid

We (Middle School Ministries) went on a mission trip in July to Dayton, Ohio to partner with a church plant for some local service projects and other ways to help them reach their community. We took 20 7th and 8th graders and here’s our recap video of the week.

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Rap in Church (sort of)

Recently, I was given the opportunity to write a spoken word/poetry/rap/thing (still not sure what to call it) for our Easter service here at the church. I wanted it to in a real way, to be a re-telling of the Easter story, but also take it beyond that into the “so what” of the story and how it affects how we live our lives today. Below is the video of me actually doing it and beneath that are the words. Hope you like it!

[Vimeo 10778592]

Forever, Death is Conquered

It’s a pretty familiar story, told in all of its glory
The Risen King, coming to bring a reason to sing!
Or at least show up on Sunday
It’s got all the ingredients, all the pieces in place
One man accused; mocked, beaten, abused
Everyone against him, no one to stand with him
Seems like an open and shut case

Put on display as something less than a man
The mock trial began as he stands before the people
The same people who praised and with palm-branches raised
Shouted “Hosanna” with a worshipful gaze
My how things can change in just a couple-a-days
But now all he hears are chants of “Crucify him!”
And as he looks around, still no one stands beside him

Put him up on a cross; the last bit of his dignity lost
You see for you and me, salvation is free
But this; this is the cost
And after fighting and gasping for every breath
He gave up his spirit because he had nothing left
No more stories to tell, no more people to heal
Even the Roman guard knew that this guy was for real!

But it was far from over

And as the disciples lock doors, close windows, and hide
The women mourned and cried because their savior had just died
Inside they’re broken, looking for some relief
Anything to remove the stain, to ease the pain of their grief

But he didn’t stay down; He didn’t lay down and quit
He rose from the grave in 3 days because his power’s legit
Recorded in Scripture so we’d never forget
That with a cross and three nails, Christ tipped the scales
And paid off our debt

So now we show up on Sunday with a new shirt and tie
But during the week we’re still living a lie
We’ve forgotten the reason that Christ had to die

Let’s remember together that forever, death is conquered
No longer looming, dooming us for eternity
Christ’s blood covers it all, every wrong thing we’ve ever done
And the resurrection of God’s Son
Is the reason we get together and remember
That thru the glorious sacrifice of Christ,
Death is conquered forever.

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MSM Dodgeball 2010 – Recap

Rather than write a lengthy narrative describing and recounting the events that transpired during the 2nd Annual MSM Dodgeball Tournament, I figured a lengthy bulleted list would suffice.

– The Turnout – We had an MSM event record 140 students (watchers/players) show up for some sweet dodgeball action! We were praying/hoping/planning for around 100, and once again God proved that our dreams were too small.
– The Teams – Last year we had 16 teams, but this year we had 23 teams, many of which were completely or primarily made up of students that were not from our church and of those, many I had never even seen before.
– The Team Names/GUYS – “The Grrr!”, “The Jewish Men/IRA”, “Black Knights”, “Crown of Thorns”, “Time Warp”, “Hawaiian Punch”, “The Bosses”, “Jay’s Minions”, “Leroy Jenkins”, “Super Generals”, “The Blanks” (CHAMPS), “The Bruisers”, “Gilly in the Mist”, “Team Canada”, “Fearsome Five”, “Canasota”, “Biff”
– The Team Names/GIRLS – “Rainbow Zebras”, “The Dodgeball Team”, “The Thunderstorm”, “Crown of Thorns” (CHAMPS), “Pink Shock”, “The Swimmin’ Women”
– The Tournament – We use a “Round Robin” tournament format where we just keep playing and playing and no one get’s “knocked out” until the playoffs. All the guys teams played at least 5 games and the girls each played 7 games. My dad helped create the match-ups and the winning teams reported right to him. We had the top 10 guys teams advance to a single-elimination tournament where “The Blanks” beat “Crown of Thorns” in the championship game. For the girls, we only had a championship game between the two top teams and “Crown of Thorns” topped “Pink Shock” to take the crown.
– The “Fan Zone” – We had poster-board and markers in the cafe area where students could make posters for their favorite team. Most teams made posters for themselves (shocking), but there were also some genuine fans who showed up to support their favorite team, and this gave them another way to do that.
– The “Sky Deck” – We opened up the stage for students to sit/stand and watch the games from. It created almost an “arena” atmosphere and kept the students who weren’t playing connected to the games. They had to be paying attention because they were right in the line of fire and sometimes had to throw dodgeballs back into play. But it worked out really well and was a tremendous upgrade from last year’s entry way watch area because it could hold 3 times the students.
– The Leaders – We had leaders in the cafe taking care of the food, we had leaders in the mezzanine checking on the people playing wii, we had leaders in the “Fan Zone” helping with posters and leaders on the “Sky Deck” keeping students somewhat under control, we had leaders refereeing and leaders taking pictures, leaders doing registration, and a leader organizing the games that were played. Without the leaders, there is no tournament. They made it happen. Thank you, each one of you. GREAT JOB!
– The Students – Attitudes have a tendency to be tested when competition is introduced, but I can honestly say that the students had great attitudes last night. Aside from the verbal disappointment that comes from getting out or losing a tough game, all the students should be commended. Even during the break in between while I was sharing my story, they seemed to be (for the most part) quite attentive. GREAT JOB!
– The Pictures – There are more to come, but for now, check them out HERE.
– The Promotion – We printed business cards for students to pass out to their friends. We printed postcards to give to our students to put on their fridge. We printed posters which we put in the stairwell leading up to our Middle School room and students also took some and put them up in their schools. We made announcements in our service, created an event on Facebook, and we made a video (below) which we showed on the Sunday before the tournament.

– The Prizes/Giveaways – Each winning team (guys and girls) got a $40 gift card to Pizza Hut so they could go celebrate their dominance. Each winning “Best Dressed” team (as voted on by a secret panel of judges) received a pair of “special” socks (girls got tie-dye while guys got Under Armour). We also gave away 6 “regulation” dodgeballs that were given away to anyone who was there (they put their name on a ticket when they came in and that was their entrance into the drawing.) We gave all of it away at the end.
– The Gospel – After about an hour of dodgeball, we took a break and had them all sit down while I shared the Gospel with them. I talked about how when I was growing up and playing baseball, I hated pitching because I could NEVER throw it where I wanted to, which is the whole goal of the pitcher. It was equated to that no matter how hard we try, we miss the mark (Rom. 3:23) and because of it we need the gift of God to save us (Rom. 6:23). I tried to make it somewhat sports-related because of the nature of the event and the students seemed to be following along well.
– The Invite – At the very end of the night, all of the students got an invite back to hang with us on Sunday morning at 11 for our service, “MSM Live.” I also included that,  “…if you’re already going somewhere on Sundays, go there” because I’m not into recruiting other church’s students. But I know there were students there that don’t have anywhere to be on Sunday and they all got an invite to hang with us and hopefully they’ll get an invite from the friend that brought them and we’ll see them Sunday.
– The Summary – It was a GREAT night. You should have been there. Much more to share. Just ask. : )

– Josh

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