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I Asked For It

During our series, “Get a Life”, we had been talking about the true life that we can find in Jesus and living a life that others would want to follow. It was a great series and students seemed to be really tracking.

The last Sunday of the series, I played (forgive me) Nickelback’s “If Today Was Your Last Day” to get them thinking about the urgency and brevity of life. I had them all primed for introspection and self-revealing discussion so I decided to ask them, “If today was YOUR last day, what would you do?” Here are the answers that I got back……..into the microphone……in front of everyone.

Kyle – Rob a bank

Chad – Buy Wal-Mart and then sell it

Daniel – Trash Wal-Mart with a baseball bat

Ellie – Go skydying and then ride a bull

Dylan – Drive my Camaro around

I asked for it.


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We just recently instituted “Question Cards” where students can write down questions that they have and I (someone) will answer their questions on Sunday morning (our main program). Here is the first question I received…

“My friend used to go to a strong Christian church. Then about a year ago, her family started attending a Universal Unitarian Church. She is convinced that we are all evolved from apes. I know she doesn’t believe the whole Bible is true. I don’t even think she believes there is a God that I tell her about. What should I say to her? Should I try to convince her otherwise?”

My Initial thoughts/responses:

– I’m pretty sure that a girl wrote this question. Mostly because of the handwriting…and because middle school guys don’t have too many friends that are girls (or was that just me?).

– I need to do some research on the Unitarian Church. While I’ve heard different things about them, I don’t want to say something about them that I haven’t first read for myself.

– Is this really where I want to open the Creation vs. Evolution can? I’m thinking maybe a series as opposed to a 5-7 “element” in our service.

– The Bible’s validity is being called into question. And if this friend doesn’t believe that the Bible is true, no amount of proof-texts are going to show her that it is true. Time to get out the “Evidence that Demands a Verdict” book.

– She is already sharing her faith with this friend. She talks about God and says, “that I tell her about.” The relationship is there and the groundwork is already being laid. She is doing exactly what she should be doing.

Any thoughts/responses from your end?

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