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Oh, so that’s what you meant…

Here are the real changes that Barack Obama was talking about:

– The White House subscription to Texas Monthly will now be Rolling Stone which will, for the next 4 years, be running bi-weekly covers of awkward close-ups of Obama smiling/laughing/eating/coughing/whistling/sneezing/etc.

– To prove once and for all that he’s “in touch” with the hip-hop culture, Obama attends a private screening of “Notorious” with Sean Combs and Voletta Wallace but can’t keep from commenting to them, “Great song! I love Duran Duran!”

Much to the dismay of the Secret Service, Obama decides to construct a regulation size basketball court on the front lawn. It’s not that much of a problem until the constant dribbling causes one of the agents to quite literally “shoot the basketball.”

– As one of his first acts as President, he immediately demands that SNL gets ANYONE else besides Fred Armisen to impersonate him. He suggests: that one dude from Mad TV who also played the coach with the too-short shorts; Kel Mitchell; Joe Piscopo; or that one guy who used to be the President on 24 but is now doing All State commercials.

– After being coached and trained to not answer questions, Barack is forced to have his 7 year-old daughter Sasha order for him at McDonalds after an incident that involved him, the cashier, and a 25 minute speech about the benefits of ordering either a Big Mac or Big-N-Tasty. He now gets the 4 piece McNugget meal, but Sasha still gets to keep the toy.



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