Kalahari Retreat 2011 – By the Numbers

2543 – Total chairs set up for sessions and meals

1225 – 1ft x 1ft sheets of bubble-wrap

1200 – Glow-sticks, glow-necklaces, and glow-bracelets

1181 – Students and adults

200 – 2ft x 2ft x2ft white cardboard boxes

82 – Hilarious minutes spent with comedian Michael Jr.

60+ – 1st time decisions for Christ!

19 – Giant cardboard heads of youth pastors and leaders

10 – Amazing worship sets

8 – Dancers

7 – Great musicians in the worship band, Exodus

4 – Parody videos (“Love the Way You Slide”, (“Flip-Flops”), (“Kalahari, Kalahari”), (“Kalahari Gurls” – stay tuned)

3 – Students sharing their testimony of how God has worked in their lives

2 – Air mattresses ridden across the crowd

1 – Amazing weekend

Have any numbers to add?



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