Great 8


Miami’s Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, and Chris Brown-, I mean Bosh, have already been hailed as the NBA’s next dynasty. And since “The Decision”, much speculation has swirled about not just if they can win a championship, but how many. Full disclosure, I’m a Cavs fan, so this post might have a hint of spite.

But while he was with the Cavs and winning back to back MVP awards, people were still saying that LeBron wouldn’t be considered a ‘legend’ until he wins a championship. It’s true that championships are what legends are made of in the NBA. Kobe has 5, Jordan has 6, and Russell has 11. So really, according to that standard, the players on this list are more legendary than Miami’s Big 3 combined, right?

1. Mark Aguirre
Total Titles: 2

Pistons – ’89-’90


2. Will Perdue
Total Titles: 4
Bulls (3) – ’91-’93; Spurs (1) – ’99


3. Sam Cassell
Total Titles: 3
Rockets (2) – ’94, 95; Celtics (1) – ’08


4. Jud Buechler
Total Titles: 3
Bulls – ’96-’98 ___________________________________

5. Travis Knight
Total Titles: 2
Lakers – ’00-’01


6. Malik Rose
Total Titles: 2
Spurs – ’03-’05


7. Darko Milicic
Total Titles: 1*
Pistons – ’04

*More than LeBron James and Chris Bosh combined and tied w/Dwayne Wade ___________________________________

8. Adam Morrison
Total Titles: 2
Lakers – ’09-’10


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