College Football Weekly – Week 3

After taking too much time throughout the week talking about college football and how the ‘experts’ don’t know anything and we know it all (…tumbleweed blows by…), we decided to actually put our conversations on video and prove we know it all (cough, cough). On the left is Nick Cleveland, our High School pastor, in the middle is Jesse Sansom, a senior in HSM, and me.

We’re up to Episode 3 (below), but I’ve put all 3 episodes into this post and will be posting each subsequent episode every Friday. Check ’em out, and if you have any suggestions or sarcastic remarks, please, leave them in the comments section!

EPISODE 3 – Topics Include: Denard Robinson and the early Heisman picks; which teams are surprising and disappointing so far, as well as which teams we think are overachieving and underachieving; and pick winners from the following games: Georgia Tech/North Carolina; Clemson/Auburn; Arkansas/Georgia; Iowa/Arizona; and Texas/Texas Tech.

EPISODE 2 – Topics Include: the Reggie Bush/Heisman situation; whether or not Boise State is a national title contender; and pick winners from the following games: Michigan/Notre Dame, Georgia/South Carolina; Oregon/Tennessee; Penn State/Alabama; Florida State/Oklahoma; and Miami/Ohio State.

EPISODE 1 – Topics Include: the Big 10 expansion, BCS Bowl predictions, and pick winners from the following games: Colorado/Colorado State; SMU/Texas Tech; Uconn/Michigan; North Carolina/LSU; Oregon State/TCU; and Boise State/Virginia Tech.


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