A ‘Typical’ Night @ Small Groups

After taking the Summer ‘off’ from Small Groups, Sunday night kicked them back ‘on’ for the school year. In case you are/were wondering what our Small Groups look like on a ‘typical’ night, check it out below.

**I will be using our Sunday nights as the model, so for Wednesdays, just start everything an hour later.

5:30-5:50 Leader Pre-Meeting

5:45-6:05 – Students arrive and hang out in Student Ministry Center Lobby

5:50-6:05 – Talk with students in Student Ministry Center lobby as they arrive

6:05-6:20 – First 15 (Group activity w/all students & leaders)

6:20-7:15 – Actual ‘group time’ in meeting room

Later this week, I will be posting some thoughts on the ‘group time’ and breaking it down a little more to give you some ideas how to use that 50 minutes a week with the students in your group.

– Josh


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