Beyond – Monday

I love camp.

I love(d) coming early and working with the lighting/tech guys building the stage/set for the week. The guys I’m working with, particularly Nathan and Josh are both incredible at what they do and add so much not only because of their abilities, but because of their hearts as well.

I love working with Exodus (they were with us @ Kalahari). They are all tremendously talented, but they also have great attitudes and are willing to do whatever they’re asked. I’m thankful to them, Betsy, and everyone at the Liberty Ministry Team crew for working with us to have them come and hang with our (your) students for the week.

I love hanging out with your students. Whether I’m seeing them for the first time and they greet me with a slow-clap or I’m tooling around while they’re eating acting like I’m going to take their food, your students are a BLAST (and it’s only Monday!) We have prayed and are praying for each one of your students to allow God to work in their lives during their time here, and everything that they experience here this week (along with a willing and open heart) will hopefully help accomplish that.

I love working with our leaders. Ian, Allison, and Hope have all said that they want to give a week of their summer to spending time with and investing in your students. And while Ian as the Middle School Intern pretty much has to be here, all three of them have already jumped right in and have been  building into the students. They will have many chances to get to know your student throughout the week and hopefully influence them in some way for the cause of Christ.

Lastly, I love camp because of what it has meant in my life. Even before I was old enough to be a camper, I was here, at Pleasant Valley Ranch, with my dad who was running what was then called “Operation Everything.” I’ve been a junior camper, I’ve been a junior high camper, I’ve been a high school leader, a head counselor, and now a director on the core leadership team…all here at this camp. I’ve pretty much seen it all, but it still gets me excited to see a student connect with God in a real way at camp. That’s what makes the late nights, the long hours, all of the peripherals, worth it. The students. Your students.

I love camp.


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