I Already Know A Lot About You

One of my favorite bloggers is a guy named Tyler Stanton. His videos are hilarious, and his blog posts are everything that I wish mine were. He also recently wrote/published his own book that I’m not sure why I don’t own yet.

He also has this series of blog posts called “I Already Know Alot About You” and each one of his entries I say, “Oh man, that’s so true!” Anyway, his posts have inspired my own observations, but I wanted to point you in the direction of my inspiration. Check out his site, subscribe to it, and frequent it often. And in the meantime, see if any of these people sound familiar.


…if you’ve ever said, “It’s not as good as the book.”

…if you’ve ever dressed up in character to go to a movie premiere at your local movie theater

…if you have dvd’s on your shelf with the plastic still on them

…if you call movies “films”

…if you’ve ever told me about a movie and finished your sentence with, “You’ve probably never heard of it.”

…if you’ve managed to work, “Why so serious?” into actual conversation within the last week

…if you’ve ever had a framed “The Riddler” picture from Batman Forever on your wall

…if you’ve ever watched an entire movie with the director’s commentary on

…if you have imdb.com as your homepage

…if you own a movie that you’ve never watched

…if you’ve ever bought and worn an Independence Day shirt

…if you’ve ever sneaked in a #7 from McDonalds into the movie theater

…if you own any movie that Shaquille O’Neal is in

…if your surround sound system is worth more than your house

Did I miss any? Got any to add? Can you guess which ones/how many of these are true or have been true about me? And again, don’t forget to check out Tyler’s page.


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