“Love Story” Series Video Bump

– This was Josh (me) and Amber’s (my wife) first video collaboration (if you don’t count this). It was shot on our living room floor with a giant blanket as the background and each heart and letter was cut out and placed by Amber. I stood on a chair behind her and held out the video camera to get the “overhead shot” look. It took 6 takes, but I think we ended up with a good finished product.

– It was inspired by the Napoleon Dynamite opening (check it out below)



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4 responses to ““Love Story” Series Video Bump

  1. joyce

    that was really cute! good hands, Amber! I assume Josh cut out the letters and the hearts…

  2. tom

    well done! love the tune and your creativity.

  3. PA youth pastor

    Josh — curious about the “To Write Love on Her Arms” organization in your links. I have been wondering about how to use its message with my youth group. Seems like it could reach some of my students.

    How have you used it for your students? Any resistance from colleagues about how the approach is secular?

    • PA Pastor – Honestly, I haven’t really even approached the idea with the students in my group. I definitely think it would reach some of my students and possibly even equip others to deal with what some of their friends are going through.

      So, to answer your two questions, no, I haven’t used it in my group. I’ve been throwing around some ideas, but nothing has really fit in with the overall direction and mission of our church.

      I also haven’t gotten any resistance from colleagues, but again, that’s primarily (solely) because I haven’t actually done anything with it in our group. If I WERE going to start using it, I would check it (TWLOHA) out and even talk it through with some other staff; get their thoughts.

      I believe that it can be (and has been) used in a positive way to impact many people. It’s helping hurting people and if you can use it in some way to also connect them to Jesus, the One who can TRULY help/heal/treat/SAVE them, then I say go for it!

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