(It’s a) Love Story

In Middle School, we are in the middle of a series called, “Love Story” and we’ve been talking about just what love is and all kinds of fun stuff like that. So, to give you a quick recap of where we’ve been (and a little bit of where we’re going), I present to you the official MSM Sunday Morning Series Bulleted Recap List (of Destiny*):

*Everything’s cooler when you attach “of destiny” to the end of it

Week 1 was all about “The Source” of love. We talked about how God is love and love comes from Him. We tried to unpack the idea that all love comes from the One (1 John 4:7) who loved us when we were at our worst (Rom. 5:8) and because of that love we can have life (John 3:16).

Week 2 was all about “The Definition” of love. We compared “The World’s” definition of love with God’s definition (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) and came up with some stark differences. The World says that love is an emotion or a feeling, but The Bible says that love is an action and a choice. The World also says that love is about me, but it’s easy to see that The Bible says that love is about others.

Week 3 will be all about “The Response” to (God’s) love. Now that we’ve talked about where it came from and what it was, it’s time to talk about our response as people to God’s love for us. We’ll be hanging in Matthew 22 (The Greatest Commandment) as well as others. Looking forward to it!

Special Guests – Each week, as something a little different, we’ve had some special guests come and share some music about love with us. The first week we were privileged to have Matt Carter (Contemporary Worship Director) along with friends Tim Ritchey (djembe) and Grace Falla (violin) perform an acoustic version of “How He Loves.” Yesterday we had HSM‘s own Ben Framstad come and join us to sing “True Love” by Phil Wickham. Stay tuned for this week’s special guest!

Decorations – Many thanks to Kelley Sral for her decoration of our Middle School Center with heart balloons, cut-outs, as well as many other fun things to really sell our “Love Story” series. It looks great up there and gives great context to the series. Thanks, Kelley!

Artwork – Many thanks also go to Janet Beaver for creating the artwork for the series (as well as the heart-shaped outlines for Valentine’s Day!). She has done so much for Middle School in the series artwork department and she really did a great job with the stuff for this series. Thanks, Janet!

This has been a series that I’ve wanted to do for awhile now, and I’m excited that it’s actually come together. Through the hard work and dedication of MANY people, we are seeing students rethink their idea of what love is and follow hard after the One who loves us enough to send His Son so that we could have life. And when you think about it, that’s the real “Love Story.”


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