I’m Back aka What I Did on My Social-Media Vacation

I took a self-imposed break from all things social-media (facebook, twitter, this blog, reading blogs) for about 5 weeks or so. And yeah, I probably was spending too much time doing those things, so I decided to take a little time off and spend my time doing other things with my time.

I’d love to tell you that I read 5 books, wrote a screen play, got caught up with all the things I had been putting off in life. But alas, here are the highlights from my social-media vacation:

– Dumped coffee all over my laptop at Panera (like a moron)

– Got a new laptop (new to me, anyway)

– Moved (5 minutes away; still in Wooster)

– Broke 2 guitar strings, on separate weeks (pretty frustrating)

– Got up early to work out…8 times

– Lost my keys for a week (they were in my backpack the whole time)

– Lost my ipod for a day (during the week that I lost my keys)

Impressed? I sure am. I can’t believe that I functioned for an entire week without my keys. Anyway, I’m back in the blogosphere. 

What happened in your world while I was gone?



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2 responses to “I’m Back aka What I Did on My Social-Media Vacation

  1. I grew to miss you quite a bit. I can’t deny it.

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