Great 8


In honor of me going to see one of my favorite bands, MuteMath, in concert, I thought I would put together a list to help you, John/Jane Q. Concert-Goer have the best possible experience at a concert. So here they are in random order (the numbers mean nothing). Read, learn, enjoy.

1. DO listen to the band’s new album before you go. More than likely the tour that they’re on is to promote the new album. Buy it and listen to it so you don’t stand there waiting for that ONE song you know off their last album.

2. DON’T wear any paraphernalia at the concert of the band that you’re going to see; it’s never okay. It’s especially not okay to buy a shirt there and then just throw it over the shirt you’re already wearing (especially if the shirt underneath is bigger than the shirt you just bought.) Just don’t. Trust me.

3. DO go with friends. Concerts are much more enjoyable when you can say, “Remember when…” and, “I can’t believe he…”. At least find someone to go with you for that shared experience so you can at least relive your experience through conversation and not your eleven 30-second cell-phone videos you took and uploaded to Facebook.

4. DON’T do anything on this list.

5. DO get there early. This mainly applies to GA (General Admission) shows because when you get in line determines how enjoyable your experience is. Regardless of whether or not you’re a front-row kind of person, being at the front of the line gives you first pick of any of the places. If you’re going to pay that much for a ticket, at least get a good spot to enjoy it.

6. DON’T be in a hurry to leave. There might be someone in your group who wants to stick around, check out the merch table, or possibly even grab a picture w/the band (if they’re coming out). You standing around tapping your foot and looking at your watch does not help me decide which shirt I want. Plus, the parking lot is most assuredly going to be terrible to try and get out of, so take a chill pill.

7. DO find the biggest fan of the band you saw who wasn’t able to go, and tell them how amazing it was. And then bring it up about once a month until the next chance to see them. Also, at any concert that you go to with that person, say something like, “I mean, this was good. But it wasn’t as good as (fill in the blank).”

8. DON’T spend too much money at the show. More than likely, every piece of merch that is for sale at the show is available somewhere else for less money. If it’s something that you MUST have, go home and check out their website or even eBay. The merch table is there to sucker you in because you just had a sweet experience and now you have to capture that feeling in a shirt, sticker, or program. Walk away, save your money, take a picture with your phone, and then go find it cheaper somewhere else.

Those are just a few “Do’s and Dont’s.” Do you have any to add?


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  1. Every band in America is going to be upset by #8. That’s their Bread and Butter, isn’t it? If only I could get Nate to understand that one a little better. He’s a sucker for Merch Tables! Have fun at the show! And I can’t believe Nate isn’t tagging along. Think of him for #7 🙂

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