The Youth Office

One of my favorite shows is and has been The Office. I’ve got all the seasons (1-5) on DVD and even the 2 seasons of the British one (the original). We as a Student Ministries team have made a few homages to the show and most recently we made an episode to introduce our adult leader orientation. They are a riot to make and hopefully mildly entertaining to watch. I’ve compiled all three of the episodes (and an outtakes video) here and they go from oldest to newest. Check ’em out and I would love your feedback.

In the “pilot” episode, Josh (me) has just started his job at Wooster Grace and is having a hard time transitioning out of his teacher training (he has a Health/PE degree in real life) and he is slowly taking over control of the entire office.

These outtakes are taken from the first episode (above). Not much to explain.

In this episode, it’s Katrina’s last day as the administrative assistant for High School Ministries and Josh is trying to figure out how to cope. Thanks to Chris Rice for letting us use his song in this video. And little known fact, this was actually shot on Katrina’s last day.

This episode is the first with all of our current team and rather than Josh being the only real “character”, each of them is modeled after characters from the actual “Office” show. They are all trying to figure out how to reach students and then they realize that the best way to do that is to train adult leaders.

Even though I wrote/directed/edited all of the episodes, I feel like the third episode does the most justice to the show. Everybody did such a great job and it was a blast to make; they all were. Stay on the lookout for the next episode!


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