Monologue: Part 2

Here is Part 2 of the Monologue that I wrote to go before and after a drama I wrote. Here are some related links to check out. Monologue: Part 1, Drama Synopsis. Enjoy.


So you tell me, what I’m supposed to do now
I’m wonderin how
Tryin to make the most, but I’m dangerously close
To abandoning my post
And throwing in the towel
I’m left with just pieces, shreds
A mere fraction of the original
With each decision equally pivotal
In my direction, which upon further inspection
Put me on a path, fast, to a condition that’s critical
I abandoned the source
Slowly drifting off course
Until I felt the force
Of You
Pulling me back
So I return with me head down and hands up
Offering all I am up
I can hardly stand up
Feeling safer on my knees
And after all that, look where it’s gotten me
Alone in a place where it’s only You that I see
And finally I realize that I’m right……
Where You want me to be


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