The Least

This Saturday, HSM will head to San Francisco to minister to homeless people as well as many others who have been forgotten or ignored and pushed to the streets of downtown San Fran.

Next Saturday, MSM will head to Camp Echoing Hills to spend time with people who have special needs and disabilities and more than likely be pushed way out of their comfort zone for an entire week.

Both of these groups will be with “the least of these.” Looking at Matthew 25:40, we hear Jesus say that “whatever you do for the least of these, you do unto me.” And while it may not be hard to identify the least of these in San Francisco or at Camp Echoing Hills, what about the kid that steps on your foot in Wal-Mart? What about the person in line at the gas station?

My point is that while mission trips are a GREAT opportunity to minister and see Jesus, what about the ones who aren’t going? Are they off the hook because they weren’t on the trip?

Of course not. We should always be looking for ways to see Jesus in the people around us. That’s part of the reason we themed our Summer ministry calendar “Give me Your Eyes.” We want to see people the way Jesus sees them.

So let’s not just think those who are on the trip can do ministry, because we are all ministering every day, wherever we are. So who are “the least of these” in your world? If you’re honest, I’m sure you already have a name in mind. Do something about it. Today.


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  1. Thanks for the reminder! As I prepare to “send off” my hubby on the San Fran trip, I need to focus on ways the kids and I can be on Mission in Wayne County!

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