Cavs Game 1 Thoughts

– I’m now 1-5 (and 0-2 in playoff games) when I go to Cavs games since LeBron James joined the Cleveland Cavaliers.

– The Magic shot the lights out of the Q tonight. They finished the night making 55% of their shots from the field. That’s ridiculous. They couldn’t, and didn’t miss all night. It’s hard to get ticked at our defense when we had a hand in their face for most of their shots, they just hit it from anywhere (Lewis and Turkoglu were hot).

– A minute into the game, Dwight Howard dunked the ball so hard that he knocked the shot clock over and forced a 10 minute delay. Hindsight makes me think that it was some sort of bad omen; kind of like Benny Rodriguez knocking the cover off the ball in The Sandlot. Both of them brought trouble soon after.

– Stuck around after the game and watched them film the TNT broadcast with Reggie Miller, Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Charles Barkley. Hoping for a handshake or something, but security kicked us out before they wrapped up. Bummer.

– It’s a tough night when our MVP can go for 49-6-8 and he walks off his home court with an “L.” What’s worse is that I’m pretty sure he missed about 3-4 free-throws throughout the night (at least 2 in the 4th quarter). Hopefully that becomes motivation to improve at the line. 2 made free throws (from ANYONE) wins this game.

– The most frustrating part of the whole night was the fact that I was sitting in “Loudville” (code for: “Nose-bleeds”) but it should have been called “Lamesville” or “Quietsburg.” I mean, what is it going to take to get fans into a game? We’re in a 1-2 point battle into the final 2-3 minutes of Game 1 of the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS and we were surrounded by people sitting down not making a sound. Are you kidding me? Hello? We’re down with 40 seconds left and you’re checking your email on your Blackberry? So much for home-court advantage. And then when they don’t pull it out, you stand up and say, “That’s what happens when you don’t play defense.” No, that’s what happens when you go to the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS and act like you’re at a taping of the Antique Roadshow. Ridiculous.

– Game 2. Friday night. 8:30. Lets. Go. Cavs.



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2 responses to “Cavs Game 1 Thoughts

  1. Sam Mick

    It also didn’t help that Delonte, Mo, and Big Z couldn’t make an open shot in the second half. Our offense bogged down into “watch Lebron” mode. Orlando’s reliance on and success by the three makes me sick. Pat Riley said he didn’t like teams that relied on the three because it was “fool’s gold.” Hopefully they hit a nice long cold spell, and find out their “offensive system” is more Iron Pyrite than periodic table element “Au” The native Clevelander in me is still coming out though…here comes the heartbreak.

  2. Rhett


    Just read this. Hope is still alive. Magical spells have hindered the royalty. But we’ll see what happens next. It’s nice that game 5 the supporting cast decide to show up when the game’s been going for a while. If I”m Lebron, I silence the haters and average 38-14-12 for the next two games. And when by a combined margin of 27.

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