CE Leadership Summit

This past Monday and Tuesday, a group of 25 or so youth pastors got together at CE National’s headquarters in Winona Lake, Indiana for a leadership summit. I’m not sure what a “leadership summit” means except for it was a bunch of leaders getting together and talking about what’s working and what’s not in our respective youth ministries. Below are notes taken or random thoughts on the two day excursion.

– Challenged by Tim Eldred to try and increase student ownership versus student participation. 

– Challenged by Jim Brown to increase my vision for students. 

– Good chat time with Ben Framstad, our high school ministries intern who went out to “The Lake” with me.

– Great conversation with other youth guys who are “in it” and was encouraged by what’s working (especially in Middle School Ministry)

– Got to connect with friends Corey Drake and Luke Humberd, former band-mates from my darkroom days before I bolted to hang out with 7th and 8th graders. It was good to see them again.

– Good trip. Thanks CE for all your preparation and work to make the summit a success!


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