What to tell your Worship Leader

Part two in my “What to tell your…” series deals with the idea of the “Worship Leader.” As a worship leader for a number of years (with adults and students), I feel I have some things that I have learned as well as some things that I would tell someone who’s thinking about becoming a worship leader. Here they are in no particular order.

1. “If it’s a little too high for you, then it’s way too high for everyone else.” – Most worship leaders are good singers. Most. And along with a good voice, most leaders have a pretty good vocal range. Songs written and performed by guys like Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, and Steve Fee are all written for their voices; which are pretty high. And to just take their songs and use them will cause everyone in your group to strain their voices or just give up. So be conscious of that as you’re choosing keys for songs and realize that if it’s a little too high for you, then it’s way too high for everyone else.

2. “Don’t Stray from the Melody” – You are NOT at a concert, and you are NOT Daryl Hall, so please refrain from jumping all over the scale as you sing “How Great is Our God.” As the leader, your job is not to showcase you’re “amazing” vocals, but rather to lead others into a place of worship through music. And it’s a little hard to follow as you drift in and out of octaves and harmonies. If you’re going to sing harmonies, then set someone else up as the leader for the group to follow and stick to your harmonies. Either way, it’s best for everyone involved if you don’t stray from the melody.

3. “Please not slow…all the time” – Just so you know, slow doesn’t always mean “spiritual.” And when you’re picking your songs and planning out your service (that’s right, planning), try to make sure you are balanced in your song selection. Too much slow will lose the “impact” of a reflective song because it’s just one in a set of four. “Fast” songs lower people’s defenses and many of them are just as theologically sound as the “slower” tunes. This is especially true in Student Ministries where I’ve found out of 3 songs, a 2:1 fast:slow ratio works well. But whether you’re leading middle school students or adults, please, not slow…all the time.

Hope this helps.

PS – Click here if you’d like to know “What do tell your Drummer


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  1. joshuadavidgraber

    amen to number 3!!
    one thing i love about being in the church that i am right now is that on alot of the faster songs, we literally just party. people dance, or start a mosh pit, or do whatever…it actually sets a really cool atmosphere and gets people stoked for more intimate, contemplative worship later on…

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