– I’ve been pretty sick the last two days. Upset stomach,getting a headache every time I stand up, so yeah, it’s been really fun. Since Sunday night, I’ve eaten 3 apples, a couple hand-fulls of oyster crackers, 2 chocolate chip cookies, and a grilled cheese sandwich. But even with all of my “suffering” (overdramatic?), I’m sure my story doesn’t compare to Mark’s story, though.

– We started a 3 Week series on sex in MSM on Sunday and the first week seemed to go pretty well. We are using a series I got from Simply Junior High called “Exposed” and it’s a GREAT resource and gave me some awesome direction for how to approach this sensitive but very important topic. Thanks Kurt (Jr. High Pastor @ Saddleback) for sharing such a great resource with us!

– Started our free month of Netflix which was a Christmas gift from Amber’s brother (thanks Troy!). Started out with Changing Lanes and Wall-E. Changing Lanes was okay, the ending was kind of “ehh.” Wall-E was really good. I love Pixar’s attention to detail and subtlety like facial expressions and gestures. Getting ready to send ’em back and get two more! Suggestions?

– In our Middle School service on Sunday, we sang “God is Great” (Hillsong) and I realized that I really liked listening to it, but I didn’t really like singing it. The original key is a tad too high in the chorus, so I dropped it a whole step. But after the drop, the verses were way too low. So as much as I like it, for the sake of audience participation, I might have to Derrick Rose that bad boy and “one and done” it. (Check out the song below)

– I got a new phone! It’s a Palm Centro and I finally have a portable calendar and contact list that will sync with Outlook. I’m still trying to figure it out, but it’s definitely an upgrade from what I had. It was also a buy one get one free deal, so Amber got one too. Giddeyup on that!


– In case you didn’t know, the Cavs are tied with the Lakers for the best record in the NBA and are a few games away from clinching home-court throughout the playoffs. In case you didn’t know.


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  1. Like the new phone… and I think getting Amber one was a wonderful idea! How’s she liking it?

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