Sunday Morning in Pictures

I know, it’s been FOR-EV-ER (“Squints” from the Sandlot) since I updated THE Real Josh Atkins and I thought I would make it a little easy on the eyes with some pictures. So here’s a tour of our Sunday Morning program, which is our “large group” deal. Enjoy.


Before the service starts, you got the guys sitting in the front. They’ve just been told, “Smile for the camera” and of course the middle school guy response is, “If  I don’t smile then maybe the girls not paying attention to me will think I’m cool.” Also notice the dude to the left shoving a whole donut in his mouth.


It’s everyone’s least favorite part of the service: Announcement time! It’s no fault of our amazing” announcementeer,” I am just trying to figure out how to keep this from being a complete momentum killer in our service. It just seems like no matter what kind of energy we have, I feel like every time it’s like we start with an announcement about a puppy getting hurt or something.


3 guys come up for our game where they have to unscramble a word and the first one to shout it out gets the prize. But when none of them can figure it out, Josh from the sound booth has to shout hints like, “Rhymes with…” and, “Here’s the answer…”


After our game, it was time for a little worship time led by our middle school band (and some dude who doesn’t know plaid went out of style 2 years ago). We’ve got 2 full bands complete with singers, guitars, bass, and drums. It’s one of my favorite parts of the service.


After the singing, I take off the old guitar and try to be funny/inspiring/insightful/theological/vulnerable/brief/relevant for an audience of middle schoolers. For most people, this is the combination of their two greatest fears: public speaking and middle school students. But I say once you get used to the constant chatting, texting and nodding off, it’s not that bad.


We wrapped up our service with a little “Impossible Shot” (thanks Saddleback). We are having one student each week come up to the front and throw a whiffle golf ball into the bottom of a djembe held upside down by an adult leader. We’ve been doing it for 5 weeks now and the prizes now include: a $10 Wal-Mart gift card, a LeBron James poster, a Jonas Brothers t-shirt, a bag of sour gummy worms, and a 2 liter of Hawaiian Punch.

So that’s our service in pictures from this past week. Hope you enjoyed it, and I’m happy to be back updating my blog again.


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  1. Rhett

    Bro… one time within the last 3 months I walked into Old Navy. I saw plaid long sleeves on the clearance rack. And… I got two. Now, when plaid is worn I can see it in people’s eyes. “He’s stylish enough to pull that enough, because nobody else will.”

    You my friend are an image of the future of pastoral fashion. But you won’t be wearing the shoes… will you?

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