Bye Bye Beanie

Today it was announced that Ohio State running back, Chris “Beanie” Wells is running to the NFL. This comes as no surprise to anyone following Buckeye sports as most of us have been anticipating this announcement since the final whistle of another one of Ohio State’s infamous “We almost had ’em” bowl games.

So with this announcement, I’ve gotten a little nostalgic for “All things Beanie” and would like to invite you to take a trip down memory lane remembering and showcasing some other famous “Beanies”.

1. Beanie Babies – These little riot-inducing toys were popular in the late 90’s and I don’t think any sarcasm that I can come up with would be better than the video below. And if you were caught up in the “Beanie Bonanza”, I must say I’m sorry. You probably wasted a lot of money. Unlike me who wisely collected Shawn Kemp and Anfernee Hardaway basketball cards.

2. Beanie Sigel – This rapper can be seen trying to get some face time in many of Jay-Z’s videos. He was signed with Roc-a-Fella records and supposedly had a few hits (that I can’t remember). He’s also been in plenty of legal trouble and most recently was shot in an apparent robbery attempt. So while “Beanie” Wells ran over people to get extra yards, Beanie Sigel just ran people over to rob them or steal their spotlight.


3. The Beanie – These are the hats with no brim that are oftentimes worn during the winter (or in the summer by someone who’s trying a little too hard). It’s commonly referred to as a “winter cap” or even a “stocking cap.”  You may have even seen the one with the propeller on the top, that’s a classic. But much like “Beanie” Wells, this also was made primarily for the cold and can be spotted with more frequency and effectiveness in November.


4. Chris “Beanie” Wells – He leaves Ohio State with 3,382 yds* (4th all-time); 30 TD’s*; voted the Buckeyes MVP in ’07 and ’08*; and averaged 5.8 yards per carry*. He did his most prolific running against Michigan where he led the Buckeyes to three straight wins and set the Ohio State rushing record in Ann Arbor with 222 yards. He will be missed in Columbus (especially against USC), but we all knew this was coming. Check out some of his highlights below.

*Columbus Dispatch; Thursday, Jan.9th


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