Rappers are not Experts

I love sports talk. And I actually kind of like political talk (when it’s not inagural season). I love listening to people argue with everyone trying to get the last word and prove their point. I’m not really like that, so I think I might somehow live vicariously through them.

You know what I don’t love? Rappers being treated like they are experts because they can use a rhyming dictionary and Pro Tools. I saw it last November on election night and 5 minutes ago on ESPN First Take.

– Will i. Am on CNN (as a hologram) talking about the election

– Lil’ Wayne on ESPN talking about a playoff  in college football

No commentary can do justice to the video where you can literally watch Anderson Cooper ask himself, “Really? The dude from Black Eyed Peas? I stood in 98 mph winds in the middle of Hurricane Katrina and now on the eve of one of the most historic elections in American history,  I’m talking to a Star Trek version of the guy who wrote ‘My Humps?’ Really?”

Nor could any commentary do justice to the video where if you listen closely you can hear the producer of First and 10 prepping Skip Bayless (the other big mouth on the show) by saying, “Now Skip, when he says something incoherent, please don’t point it out. We’re not reaching the people who like terrible rap music and this is a great way to get them back. And if you comply, how about we get you a Chili’s gift card?”

Rediculous. I have a right mind to go to the warden about this.

Did I forget any interviews where rappers are put on as “experts?” I’m sure I did. Let’s stop this absurdity and together, we can make a difference.


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One response to “Rappers are not Experts

  1. joshuadavidgraber

    on the political note, i give one point to the rappers with p-diddy’s ‘vote or die’ campaign. although i would imagine that he had to have been high when he decided that would be a good name… but you’re right. way to much cred….

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