Meet Kyle

I just met with a guy named Kyle in my youth group. Here’s what I knew about Kyle before I met with him today

– 7th grade, public school, started coming to our church about 5 months ago

Here’s what I learned after meeting with him

– He likes to draw anime characters, he likes to skateboard, he got “mugged” when he was in third grade, he’s lived in Wooster his whole life, his family has a New Year’s tradition of drinking cups of whatever they can find in the fridge (pop, milk, chicken) as the ball drops, his little brother is 8 and is in 2nd grade, he likes The Dark Knight (he was wearing a Joker t-shirt), he has a PSP, he got a Wii for Christmas, his birthday is in February, he can also draw Ninja Turtles (I had him draw me one on my white board).

All in an hour. That’s why you meet with people.


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  1. Joyce

    I am excited you met one of my favorite students!

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