$25 itunes Gift Card

I just got a $25 itunes gift card for my birthday. What songs should I snag?



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3 responses to “$25 itunes Gift Card

  1. joshuadavidgraber

    well, since you asked……
    The Killers new CD, ‘Day and Age’ is outrageous. If you only get one track, go for ‘Losing Touch’….

    Kanye’s new one is also phenomenal.. ‘808s and Heartbreak’ it’s called. if you have to pick a track, go with ‘Heartless’ or ‘Love Lockdown’ (if you haven’t gotten sick of hearing it on the radio that is)

    Anything from Brett Dennen.

    But why stop there, Ray Lamontagne’s new one is clearly the best release of the year in any genre (yes, i mean that) ‘Gossip in the Grain’ is the title, and I almost want to buy it again.

  2. seriously you need to get fanatic by lecrae and/or 116 clique if you don’t have it. and the song joyful noise by flame featuring lecrae. those are the two songs i have been most impressed with in christian hip hop recently. and of course i would say snag the new kanye.

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