Name That Cart

As I mentioned a little while ago in my Is it Normal post, that I use a shopping cart to get all my “gear” from one side of the church to the other. My gear includes, but is not limited to: my computer bag (usually with my Mac and my Dell); my bin of folders for handouts, outlines, and music for the praise band; and of course, my guitar.

I’ve heard my share of jokes as I push this monstrosity through the halls. “Where’s the sale?” “You better get that back to Wal-Mart” and my personal favorite which just happens to be the most creative, “Is that a shopping cart?”

Well since I’ve had it, I’ve always had more than enough room to carry all my stuff, nothing has ever fallen out as I turned a corner (which happened more than once with my old mode of transportation: a wagon), and it’s a great conversation starter. But I’ve felt like something has been missing.

A name. All the great inanimate objects have names like B.B. King’s guitar aptly named, “Lucille.” So for the next month, we are having a “Name that Cart” contest where students can submit any name they want and on Sunday, December 14th, they’ll vote on the winner. And the winner will get a prize. If you’d like to submit any suggestions, I’ll take ’em. But until then, enjoy the picture we took for our announcement slide.




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7 responses to “Name That Cart

  1. joshuadavidgraber


    or Nurse Roberts. Either one will do.

  2. Tony

    How about “STOLEN”?
    Seriously, where did it come from?
    Should it be returned?

  3. Ben

    What’s up Josh?

    Cartwright is the name you should pick…send my prize in the mail.

  4. Thanks for the suggestions. And the cart actually is an old Sam’s Club cart that they were getting rid of as they were getting new plastic ones. It was a gift and was painted with new wheels put on it for me and everything.

  5. Tony

    Oh, OK…Well in that case name it “NOT STOLEN!”
    or “Josh Gives Back” or “Josh in the Neighborhood”. “We’re taking Josh to the Neighborhood”

  6. Joyce

    Some guy named Dave suggested “Bart the Cart” in honor of a guy who loved a white bus. Could you paint it white?

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