– I’m heading to Cinci to see The Eagles with my dad. I love shows, so I know this is going to be a great one. And the funny thing is, I’m pretty sure my dad is more excited than I am. Should be a good time.

– Cruising through a series in Middle School right now called, “Deal With It” and we’re talking about how to, you guessed it, “deal with” some of the things that life throws us. We’ve talked about guilt and worry, and this week we’re talking about pain. And while they don’t seem to be overly “exciting”  or “fun” topics, they seem to be hitting the students where they are, because many of them seem to be “dealing with” these issues.

– Just a little tip, if you’re planning on leaving your sunroof to your Jetta open overnight, make sure it’s not supposed to rain or you’ll have to sit on 2 towels on your way to work. Just a tip.

– We’ve got our “MSM Blowout” this Saturday night. Now, if we could just have a softball tournament, a cookout, and Godsound getting shut down by the cops half way through their set, it would look a lot like the SAB Blowout for which it was named. We’re also going to pop 100 balloons with prizes in them. That’s also where the “blowout” comes from.

– My favorite game of all time is “Loaded Questions.” And let me just say that I’m terrible at it. And let me also say that we don’t even play it like it’s supposed to be played. We just get together, ask questions, and try to see who wrote what answer. I’m terrible at it because I don’t care about guessing who wrote what. I just love answering and coming up with rediculous responses. And if you haven’t played this game, then sugar, you haven’t lived……(Norm: “Note to self: I don’t want to live.”)

– I saw a car with a McCain/Palin sticker on it yesterday. I wonder if they’re just in denial. I wonder if they tried to take it out but it began to rip and leave sticky residue, so they just left it on. I wonder if they’re holding out for a McCain/Palin ticket in 2012. But mostly, I wonder why people put stickers on their car.



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3 responses to “Randomocity

  1. just for the record. you haven’t uploaded the new banner yet. i say do it. and the sab blowout joke made me snort outloud……..wow so gay.

  2. sarahknepper

    sab blowout. i laughed at that.
    i see ty’s (formerly my) little red saab on campus a lot and i think of you guys … oh grace college …

  3. joshuadavidgraber

    Sad about your jetta. and the bumper sticker. Go big or go home I say. I would just paint it if I felt that strongly. John McCain and his giant swollen gland all over the side of a car. Now that would be a statement.

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