Thoughts on the VP Debate (as they come)

– It only took Joe Biden 6 seconds to not answer a question. It took Sarah Palin at least 30 seconds.

– I’ve only been watching for 10 minutes, and I’ve already heard the names “Barack Obama” and “John McCain” 71 times

– Sarah Palin has started 2 rebuttals with, “You’re darn right…”

– Joe Biden is refusing to refer to John McCain as “Senator” or “Mr. McCain” and is calling him “John”

– When Sarah Palin answers a question, she speaks to the camera. When Joe Biden answers a question, he speaks to the moderator.

– 9:23 PM – Joe Biden can’t say, “characteriz-“, “characteri-“, “characterized”

– Sarah Palin is a face/eye-talker. Joe Biden is a hand-talker.

– Fox has the best looking broadcast.

– Joe Biden’s answer for climate change dominated Sarah Palin’s

– Sarah Palin said “Nucular.” It’s pronounced, “nuclear.” Whoops.

– Neither one of them agree with gay marriage. Interesting.

– I’m done watching it. Would have been more exciting if the used implements from the show right before it on Fox, “Hole in the Wall” Think about it. Amazing.


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