The Office – Season 5

So, I’ve been waiting for awhile for the new season of The Office. It’s the only show that I actually looked up  the season premiere so I’d be sure to see it. I just bought season 4 and plowed through it in about 4 days.

ANYWAY….I don’t watch it for the storylines. They’re there, they drive the story, but it’s not why I tune in. I tune in to laugh. I tune in to watch Michael, Dwight, and Andy say stuff they shouldn’t have. I tune in to watch Kevin say things slowly. I don’t watch for the storylines. But…..

**SPOILER ALERT** Last night, on the season premiere, I was truly shocked by what transpired. After about 3 fake proposals from Jim to Pam, it finally happened. And I wasn’t shocked that it happened. We (avid watchers) all knew it was coming. I was more interested in where it happened. If you saw it, you know where it was. If you missed it, it was at a gas station. And as I watched, I had a little bit of deja vu as I realized that I saw another gas-station proposal not too long ago.

I’m looking forward to a great season and seeing more moments of my life plagarized into the script.


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  1. quite frankly I am sick of the office (and other American media) copying you and stealing their success from your life.

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