See You @ the Pole

If you didn’t know, today was “See You @ the Pole” and provided our students (and yours) with a chance to take a stand for Jesus. The last 3 days I have been pushing it to parents and students, but it’s been harder than I remember. It’s hard for me, being a middle school guy, to get kids there since they are at the mercy of their parents for a ride.

But as I was talking to parents and to students, I found myself saying the same things, just over and over again. I thought I would share with you my reasons for pushing and promoting something like “See You @ the Pole.”

It’s a chance to be seen praying and representing Jesus. The beauty of the “pole” part is that it’s usually in a very visible spot and students that are praying there or even just circled around it will no doubt be seen by many students that are just arriving to school.

It’s a chance to explain to their parents why they need to come early. In my work with Middle School students, I’ve found that parents are willing to take their students places. And I totally believe that our parents will (and did) make the effort for students that are excited about Jesus. (Thanks parents!)

It’s a chance for students to interact with those friends that saw them during the day and answer questions about why they were there and what they were doing. Students will no doubt be met with questions like, “What’s up with the flag pole thing?” or “What were you guys doing?” and be given an oppourtunity to share their faith.

For me, See You @ the Pole is a no brainer. Anybody have a story about the day? Do they do it in your area? I’d be interested to hear if it’s a big thing, and what you do for it.



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2 responses to “See You @ the Pole

  1. tom

    josh…this was my first go at the syatp. i ran up late on it last year so i missed it locally. i heard that other youth folks tried to build vision, but only 2 faithful souls showed up. this year it came as a step our local prep for a “fields of faith” event. the students i’ve been working with (from 7 churches locally) decided it would make a great lead in. we met up at our outpost at 6:30 for some starbucks and donuts. we headed over to loudonville high school just before 7. over the next 45 minutes we grew from 6 to 36. we were blessed by a great time of prayer and fellowship. you can check out some pictures on our youth blog here.
    i’m confident that on 8 Oct we’re going to rock Redbird Stadium with a great evening. you should bring some students to join us. lmk.

  2. I was shocked, but drove up to WCSCC and found about half a dozen around the pole. I pulled over and joined in. It was a great time of prayer, mostly for our country and the upcoming election! Exciting times!

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