And then everything changed

I was 18 and I just started my freshman year in college. I had just finished my fitness test in Lancer Gym (RIP) for my Healthy Lifestyles class at Grace College. I finished early and went back to my dorm to get ready for chapel. I threw my stuff on the ground (where else would I put it?) and hopped on IM (does anybody still use this?). I ended up talking to my friend Ben, who I knew from high school and he said, “Can you believe it?” Confused, I responded, “Believe what?” He said, “Open up the internet, you’ll see.” It was 9:15 AM, I opened up Yahoo, and then everything changed.

I saw that planes had hit the World Trade Center and so I went down to the lobby to catch it on the news. There were already about 8 guys watching it and catching me up on everything I missed. I stood there stunned and not really sure what I was looking at. And then, since I was a freshman and didn’t know any better, I went back to my room, got ready, and went to chapel.

I sat by myself to the right of the sound booth in McClain Auditorium a few rows from the back. Jack Rants (our Chaplain) caught everybody up with what had happened, and then we proceeded to try and have chapel. Periodically throughout the rest of the service, he would come up and give us updates about what had happened.

Another plane has crashed into the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

The South Tower has collapsed.

Another plane has crashed in rural Pennsylvania.

The North Tower has collapsed.

It was impossible to focus. We were lead in a prayer time, and given a two hour “break” from classes and they would resume at that time. I went back to the dorm, along with a bunch of other guys on my hall, and we just watched the news unravel on tv; trying to make sense of it all.

It’s been 7 years, but I can still put myself in the chair in chapel as they gave us the updates. Where were you? Do you remember what you were doing? Let’s remember the families of those who lost loved ones today and pray that their pursuit of peace would lead them to a relationship with the only one who can truly bring peace, Jesus Christ.



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2 responses to “And then everything changed

  1. nate mills

    We were living in Minnesota so we were an hour behind. I had just logged on to my computer at my office and our secretary walked in a couple minutes after 8 am. She was sobbing. She said she had just heard on the radio that a commercial jet had hit the World Trade Center. Immediately, the other 2 guys in the office and I looked at each other and had a hunch this was no pilot error. We turned on the radio, the second plane hit, Carol called and was watching CNN at home and we were fearful for what was going to happen next. It was Taylor’s first day of school (preschool), and we were so excited for her. But then this all unfolded. We were sent home at 9 (Westfield sent all employees at all offices home). Carol was 8 months pregnant with Drew and we were far away from home and our church and our family. I could go on and on. Sadly, I believe our county has chosen to forget about that dreadful day and would rather forget about the images on TV. But I can’t. Because our world is different now and my childrens world is different today than how it was for me because of the events that occured on 9/11. Thank you for your comments Josh! God bless you brother and may he bless our country and those who were affected by this horrible event in history.

  2. i remember everything about that day…from the first thing i woke up till i went to bed…i remember be so pissed off and not knowing what to do..i never showed it though because i was just greg and he wasn’t suppose to take anything serious…im taking it serious now though and its why i do what i do every morning..and why i go to work

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