Here we go again

No commentary on this one.

Except for the fact that this pastor (who feels it necessary to put his name on the church sign) is just LOVING all the attention that the media (and blogs, like this one) are giving him.

And he’s making reference to a song that came out about 3 months ago, keeping in line with the stereotype that Christians knowledge of pop culture, for the most part, is about 3 months behind.

And I wonder if this guy has ever even heard the whole song, or just heard the title and took it to task.

And I wonder if he knows that Katy Perry (the singer of this song) used to be Katy Hudson; contemporary Christian singer who came and sang at Grace College my freshman year. (this has no bearing on anything, just fun trivia)

And I wonder how many nonbelievers drive by that sign and say, “Hmm, that sounds like a great place to experience the love of Christ. C’mon kids!”

And I wonder what uplifting, “bring ’em in” message will grace the sign after this one comes down. I’ll be watching my local Fox affiliate in anticipation and let you know of any further updates. But…

No commentary on this one.


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One response to “Here we go again

  1. Yeah… I about screamed at the TV as this guy was being interviewed, and was sure to have his Great Big King James in his hands, holding it high so it would be in the shot. What a great message of the LOVE of Christ he was sending with that one! And did you hear him say “Homosexuals are welcome at our church, as long as they turn from their sin”. No kidding, isn’t that what we ALL need to do?

    Stepping down from soapbox!

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