Life-Changing Moments

I must apologize for my absence from the ol’ website. There’s been a lot of stuff happening at Wooster Grace that I’m really excited about, but that means more work for me and the people I work with. Ergo Defacto, I don’t update my blog as often as you (or I) would like. I’ve also been away from reading them, so this morning I’ve had a chance to catch up with some posts that I missed.

One of my favorite blogs to read is by a pastor at Granger named Tim Stevens. I dig his unique look at culture and its interactions with the church. And most recently, he had a post that had reflected a conversation that my wife and I were having with a couple of friends on the way home from a little jet-skiing.  We talked about “Turning Points” in our lives that shaped who we are today, and then I read Tim’s blog with the title “Life Changing Moments” which was along the same lines.

So here are some of my “Life-Changing Moments”

1982 – I was born. Changed my life.

1987 (5 years old) – Through lessons at church and talks (you don’t have “conversations” when you’re 4) with my parents, I accept Jesus Christ into my life.

1994 (12 years old) – After 6 years of piano lessons, my parents get me a pair of drumsticks and an oversized hockey puck (drum pad) and the rest is, well, history.

1995 (13 years old) – After spending my entire life in a Christian school, I begin 7th grade at Lexington Junior High School and begin the slow process of fading into the crowd and letting my relationship with Christ sit, untouched for 3 years.

1998 (16 years old) – My dad takes the youth pastor job at Wooster Grace and I move to Wooster in between my 9th and 10th grade year. This move, I believe, single-handedly saved my life. It got me connected with some great guys in the youth group and ultimately changed the whole trajectory of my life.

2002 (20 years old) – I finally pull the trigger and change my major from Biblical Studies with a Missions minor to Health and Physical education. I see God build in me a heart for students that would carry me through the rest of my college career (including my extra year, thank you very much.)

2003 (21 years old) – As a leader at Grace College, my faith becomes my own as I struggle with my own philosophy of ministry and what is important in my life. But working with great leaders like Jack Rants and Scott Feather, I’m brought to a greater understanding of my own heart as a leader. I also meet a freshman named Amber who I begin to date in April (2004) and would marry 3 years later (Giddeyup!).

2005 (23 years old) –  While student teaching at Madison Elementary School and Edgewood Middle School in Warsaw, Indiana, I realize that my heart is truly with students and look forward to having a job that would let me spend lots of time with them.

2006 (24 years old) – After much prompting from the people around me, I apply for the Junior High position at Wooster Grace and return to the place where my heart for God, ministry, and people was developed and encouraged by leaders and peers. I return to my heart in hopes that God can use me in the same way to ignite 7th and 8th graders with a passion for Him, serving, and of course, people.

2007 (25 years old) – Amber and I get married. What can I say? It has been, is, and will be amazing getting to know her and I look forward to the many years of life and ministry that we will have. I love you, lady!

So what are some Life-Changing Moments in your life? How have you seen God use circumstances to guide you and lead you to the place you are now? Think about it. It’s a great exercise and I promise, once you do it, you’ll have a greater appreciation for God’s hand and His providence. What a great God we serve!



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2 responses to “Life-Changing Moments

  1. Josh –
    Great post!
    thanks for including me in it… not sure i deserve it… but thanks!
    i look back with MUCH fondness on our times together and respect you very much!


  2. tom

    good stuff. tim’s going to be hangin with us in november at the sticks conference we’re hosting. more info here…


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