– I didn’t try out for American Idol. First of all, I couldn’t find anyone to go with. Second, the registration and regulations that I printed out were 5 pages long. Yeah, about 4 pages too long. And lastly, even American Idol is not worth me driving and spending more than 5 minutes in Kentucky. Nothing personal to anyone from there, I’m just saying.

– I recently realized that I like tennis. I hadn’t played it since Individual Sports when I was in college, and I had forgotten how much I enjoyed it. Amber and I went and bought racquets @ Wal-Mart (I of course got the Roger Federer racquet) and we hit the courts with Danny and Jess Artrip and it was money in the bank. We found some courts with lights, and whenever we play, it feels like it’s on primetime and I’m getting beaten thouroughly by Bjorn Borg (it’s almost as fun as when Greg and I were partners and played racquetball together).

– The Dark Knight was amazing. Heath Ledger was really good as the Joker (and not just because he died). I don’t know if it was “Oscar-worthy”, but it was still good. I’m trying to find a time so I can go and see it again. It was seriously one of the best movies I’ve seen in the theater in a long time (unlike “The Happening” which might end up on an upcoming Great 8 List). In other news, it came out that Christian Bale (Batman) got busted for assaulting his mom and girlfriend. Seriously? That’s a shame.

– I’m going to see Coldplay in Cleveland in October with Matt Carter. Oh yeah.

– My mom and Amber re-covered our dining room chairs and I did what I could to stay away from all of that mess. They needed me for the occasional twist of the screwdriver, but that was about it. It made me thankful that I had no idea how to help, so they had no expectations for me to do so. That philosophy is actually how I got to be the man I am today. Oh yeah.

– Speaking of worthless television, “So You Think You Can Dance” just came on and I just got the sudden urge to re-re-cover those chairs in the dining room. What a disaster of a show. The host with the accent makes Ryan Seacrest look like Ed McMahon. The British judge (hmm, that’s original) is seriously a 15th rate Simon Cowell, sans the creativity, personality, or v-neck t-shirts. The female judge seems like she’s trying way too hard to just be awful. Her laugh is piercing and her comments are mind-boggling. This show is completely unwatchable……….so why am I watching it?


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  1. hahaha oh pe class with josh and greg….and how many times i jumped over the line of “whats appropriate” come on…you make one little STD joke and everyone thinks your “rude”. OK so i made more then one but still whos counting

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