– I’ve been seriously considering getting rid of all my movies and just keeping the concerts and the tv shows. I don’t know, but I feel like even my favorite movies of all time are just sitting there, reminding me how much money I spent to put them there. I’ve been thinking about taking them to a used cd/dvd place and seeing how much I could get for them. It’s sad, but something I’ve been trying to wrestle with.

– Speaking of movies, Redbox has revolutionized my world. I’ve been able to rent 3 movies with it so far and each one was a pleasant experience that ended in me watching a cheap movie. So far, I’ve gotten “28 Weeks Later”, “Michael Clayton” and, “There Will Be Blood.” The best part? When I’m 2 days late on returning a movie (lousy movie), it’s still less than if I would have gone to Hollywood or Blockbuster.

– I guess it’s Barack Obama vs. John McCain. Too bad it’s not Barack Obama vs. John McClane! Oh yeah, put ’em in a skyscraper and see which one comes out alive. Now that would be worth watching. And buying on dvd, and then a year later trading into a used cd/dvd place.


Coldplay has a new album coming out. I suppose I’m excited. I’m more skeptical because of how good their last album was. I’m sure I’ll pick it up, but it’s going to be hard to top “Fix You.” Mark, is this one of the bands that everybody loves that you hate?

– After a brief hiatus, I’m back on the Simpsons train, plowing through my 9 seasons of dvd’s (2-10, the first season is barely watchable). I’m in the middle of season 7 right now and I’m laughing out loud still. There’s just something timelessly funny about Homer gaining 300 lbs. on purpose to go on disability.

– The Celtics beat the Lakers in game 1 last night. I still hate Boston.


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  1. Yeah Coldplay is on that list. I can see why people like them, but I just don’t care. but since Chris has a sick song with Kanye they are the best on the list.

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