Listen alla-ya’ll it’s a Sabotoge

“Awwwww, can’t stand it; I know you planned it……”

If you’re anything like me, when you hear that phrase, you immediately think of aviator glasses, bad mustaches, and the Beastie Boys. But that word, sabatoge, is something that I’m getting more and more acquainted with as I work to establish a workout program and stick to it. I’ve realized that every time that I sabotoge my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle, I’m only hurting one person: me.

One of the perameters that I’ve put up in my life is that I don’t eat anything besides fruit and vegetables after 8 PM. I’ve realized (and read many places) that the later you eat, the worse it is because it just sits in your body as you sleep. So I’ve tried to eliminate all “unhealthy” food intake past 8 PM. And let me just say, it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I say that sort of tongue and cheek, but it’s kind of the truth.

I’m a very nocturnal person and I love to eat at night. Cereal, chips and salsa, just chips, just salsa (okay, maybe not just salsa), but you get the idea. And I’ve been doing it for so long (including midnight pizzas during college) that it’s become a part of me. And last night, I was in a particularly weak state and I grabbed a sleve of crackers to eat thinking “They’re not as bad as Doritos.” And as I sat down, my wife said, “Josh, you can’t eat those!” And I said, “Why not?” And as I was saying that, I realized that I was arguing against my committment and for sabatoge. I had been doing so well (about 3-4 weeks now), I felt like I deserved a little break. I deserved it. I deserved it?

This comes up so much in my walk with Christ as well. Whether it’s with devotions, prayer, reaching out to lost people, or whatever, when things are pretty consistent in my world, I start thinking about choosing to slack off or sabotoge my walk with Christ because I think I “deserve” it. Like I’ve stored up enough verses to last me until next Tuesday. I’ve prayed enough to get me to tomorrow night.

Why do I choose sabotoge? Because it’s just easier. But if not for people like my fantastic wife, or the guys that push me to be like Christ, I would choose the easy way 3 out of 4 times. I feel like I deserve it, but really I don’t deserve anything. And when that mindset creeps in, that’s where I get in trouble. But the people that God has placed around me keep me from sabotaging my efforts for a deeper walk with Christ (and pants that fit better).  What’s keeping you from sabatoge? Anything?


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One response to “Listen alla-ya’ll it’s a Sabotoge

  1. Rhett

    Two thoughts… 1) Just picture that dude at the JH camp calling you that name. Let that also serve as motivation in getting your physic back to status where that name applied. 2) I heard “Sabotage” on the radio the other day. Start to finish… I could not help but sing/scream along to it. Like I was 8 and my brother was watching the nasty mustache’s on MTV in the early 90’s. 🙂

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