– So David Cook won American Idol. I was more shocked than excited. And I’m fine with that because I realized that if I’m actually excited about it, then I care too much.

– I started getting up at 6 in the AM to workout. The waking up part has been okay, but it takes me about an hour to actually get going and head down to the ol’ gym. It’s kind of like doing your devotions in the morning because the whole rest of the day, you’re going off the energy from the morning. It’s been a good thing.

– I’ve realized the longest 30 seconds that exists is the commercials during online television. It’s the worst on The Office because I have the first 3 seasons on DVD and there are NO commercials and the online commercials are the exact same every time. So in a 40 minute episode, I’ll see the same commercial with it’s offensively louder volume 6 times. On the other hand, it’s free tv, and I’m also realizing that I can pretty much complain about anything.

– I can’t stand Boston. Any team that’s from there: Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots, Bruins (like anybody really watches hockey), can’t stand ’em. I can’t stand the way that the NBA has done everything but crown the Celtics champions already. I can’t stand how Kevin Garnett is being compared to Bill Russell as one of the all-time Celtic greats (How many championships has he won? How many season(s) has he played for them? I can’t stand the Patriots and their unpunished cheating. I can’t stand Bellichek’s cut off sweat shirts (and I don’t care enough to look up how to spell his name correctly). And I just can’t stand the Red Sox. Period. I can’t stand Curt Schilling’s mouth and his fake blood during the ’04 World Series. And most of all, I can’t stand all the complaining about how it’s been SOOOO long since the _________ won a championship. What’s it been, 1 year in football? 1 year in baseball? 22 years in basketball? Gimme a lunch break. The Cavs haven’t won a championship since they’ve, well, become the Cavs. The Indians haven’t won the World Series since Truman was in office. And the Browns haven’t won a championship since before they called it the Super Bowl. (this point started out as 1 or 2 lines then I just kind of got going.)



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4 responses to “Randomocity

  1. I think i look forward to new posts by you more than anyone. Oh how they brighten my day

  2. joyce

    Your father would be so proud of you, since he hates Boston ALMOST as much as he hates New York teams!!

  3. you are on fire lately. the david list was good but todays list was like going back to a late night kent conversation sprinkled with sarcasm.

  4. Rhett

    haha delightful

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