Great 8

Reasons David Cook is better than David Archuleta

1. Every time Archuleta talks, he sounds like he’s out of breath. – Now, I have asthma, but even I can sing a song for a minute and a half and not sound like I just got done running a marathon. Cook on the other hand is always composed, and ready for Paula to swoon all over him (which is kind of awkward.)

2. Cook picks way better songs. – I mean, comparing “Billie Jean”, “Dare You to Move”, and my #2 song of all time, “Baba O’Riley” by The Who with, well, I can’t remember any songs that Archuleta did (except for his rendition of “Another Day in Paradise”, which was rather great). But anyone who picks The Who to sing is #1 in my book.

3. Cook is a real artist. – This was seen last night on the finale when Cook could have picked any song (even one he did before), but he chose to go with a classic Collective Soul tune. Archuleta, however, chose to go with a song that worked for him, like, 10 weeks ago. Rather than going with something that he knew would knock it out, he wanted to keep pushing himself as an artist (as much as you can on a show like American Idol) even though it might have cost him the victory.

4. Whenever Cook gets a compliment, he does the Conan O’Brien “bow” – If you haven’t noticed, when he gets a good word from the judges, he’ll put his hands together and do a little bow to them. Check it out here (2:27 and 3:14). I’ve got to believe that this is an homage to Mr. O’Brien, who does the bow whenever he introduces his guests for the evening during his monologue. What can I say, the dude knows good TV.

5. Cook is 25, just like me. – I have a hard time with people that are younger than me who have millions of dollars who decide not to share it with me. Archuleta is 17, and makes me think about what I was doing when I was 17………marching band, Totinos Pizza Rolls, and singing MxPx in the car. But Cook, who’s the same age as me, gives me hope and might even push me to practice my “Heard it through the Grapevine” for next year’s audition.

6. Cook actually personalizes the songs he does. – “Hello“, which was originally done by Lionel Richie, sounded amazing. “Billie Jean” of course by Michael Jackson was a fantastic rendition. Now, is he doing all the arrangements? No. He said himself that he found many of them online. But he knows what works for him. And those songs were money in the bank, and no doubt helped him get to the finale.

7. Archuleta plays that “Aw shucks” thing like it’s his job. – It was endearing the first time we saw it in the audition, but every week he sounds surprised that he’s even getting a compliment. Dude, when everyone is telling you that you’re amazing every week (regardless of whether or not it’s true), it’s truly annoying when you put your head down, take a step back, and say “aw shucks” with your voice (“Aww, oooh, thanks Paula…..”).

8. I could never with any dignity own anything Archuleta EVER records. – Not that I’m going to go out and buy Cook’s album the day it comes out (or ever), but seriously, try saying this: “Hey, I just bought the new David Archuleta album.” Yeah, I couldn’t make it through the whole sentence either.


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  1. hahaha I read the title to fast and thought you were comparing DANE COOK to David Archuleta. please make that you next Great 8

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