5 Things I Learned at the Cavs Game

1. Professional sporting events have become less and less inviting for young children. Whether it was the consistently underdressed “cheerleaders”, or the chanting of profanity by most of the arena, I was glad I was with my friend as opposed to my son (not that I have one, just saying).

2. Don’t get too emotionally involved in things that you cannot control. Being a Cavs fan, and with them being from Cleveland, you get used to not expecting too much out of your team. But last night I had to realize that this game, regardless of how much I waved my “Rise Up” towel, booed DeShawn Stevenson every time he touched the ball, or cheered when the announcer told us to, the players dictate the outcome of the game.

3. The Cavs arent’ quite an elite team yet. Their inability to close out a weaker team at home while leading by 5 with 1:42 left in the game is a sign that there’s still work to be done. Now they have to go back to Washington, which is more annoying than it is discouraging. The Cavs will win. It’s now just a matter of whether it’s there or here. I prefer in their house.

4. I can’t depend on the refs to alter the end of a game. Was LeBron fouled? Absolutely. Was it a no-call? Maybe. Am I shocked that they didn’t call anything? Not at all. Like I said, when you’re up by 5 at home in a closeout game with 1:42, you don’t get any slack. When you’re taking bad shots and fouling while the other team is making their shots, you can’t expect to get the call. And the last thing the refs want to do is make a call that would end the season for the Wizards. Even for a Cavs fan, that would be pretty bold.

5. Spending money on sporting events in itself, is form of gambling. You are gambling with whether or not you are going to get your money’s worth. And I, for some reason, felt like I needed to remind myself of what it felt like to watch the Cavs lose. It had been awhile, but ultimately when you go to see your team play, there is a chance they could lose. And then you’re stuck with getting ticked with your team, the other team, Osama Bin Laden (still ticked, the guy’s a jerk), and yourself for spending money on what is now looked at as a “waste of money.” It wasn’t a waste of money for me, but kind of a bummer. Dah well, giddeyup Cleveland!


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  1. # of bandwagon fans at the game?

    12,000? 14,000?

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