– I thought I was going to get pulled over as I made a left turn at an intersection while I was on my cell phone right in front of a cop. He turned his lights on, did a u-turn, got right on top of me, and then turned off to nail the guy who had run a red light.

– I almost ran over a little dog today. He darted out in front of me, I hit the brakes, he proceeded to cross the street, unfazed by his near-death experience, and I played out the scenario of what would have happened had I, well, you know. (My guess is it would have ruined someone’s week).

– I’m planning a Jr. High service that I’m going to be absent for and I’m thinking about relying heavily on video, leaders, and students. Any ideas?

– I’m going backpacking in the Smokies on Thursday-Sunday (hence my absence from church) with some of my old buddies from high school and college. I’ve never gone packpacking before. I just hope they have a place to plug in my Powerbook.


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