Are You Sure?

One thing I’m learning as I talk to and meet with Jr. High students is that they have little certainty in their lives. Many of them come from broken homes, their friends are changing constantly, and this uncertainty affects how they view God and His relationship to them.

I had the opportunity today to meet with a girl and as I was talking to her, I realized she wasn’t really sure about her relationship with Jesus. But after talking to her and guiding her through some Scripture, I was able to look right at her and ask her, “Are you sure you have a relationship with Jesus?” She said, “Yes, I am.”

I couldn’t ask for a better response. And it further reinforced the concept that students are LONGING for certainty. They are LONGING for stability. And it is our job as teachers of the Word to show students that the only certainty, the only stability that they will ever find in this life is through a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Today, there’s one more girl who’s sure. I love my job.


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