Well, I’m back from Willow and let me say it was a great conference and I have a lot of things that I took from it. But probably the things I got the most from this conference were calories. Oh mama. I’m just surprised my shirts still fit. So in order to help myself (and anyone who might read this) see what NOT to eat when they go to a conference, check out my schedule of what I ate from when I left, to when I got back.

Tuesday LunchMcDonalds – 10 pc Nugget, Medium Fries, Medium Diet Coke (no refill)

Tuesday DinnerGiardanos – 2 pieces of pepperoni (thick crust, of course) and a water

Wednesday BreakfastHotel – 2 biscuits w/gravy, bowl of fruit, cup of orange juice

Wednesday LunchSome Bar/Grille Restaurant – Philly Cheese Steak, fries, Diet Coke (couple refills)

Wednesday DinnerPortillo’s and Barnellis – 2 hot dogs, large fries, large Diet Coke (no refills)

Thursday BreakfastHotel – 2 biscuits (no gravy), bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, cup of apple juice

Thursday LunchRed Robin – Bacon cheeseburger with fries (refills on fries), and a water

Thursday Dinner – Some sports bar/grille place – Half rack of ribs, fries, water

Friday BreakfastHotel – 2 mini waffles w/syrup, bagel

Friday LunchFazolis – Small spaghetti, piece of pizza, 3 breadsticks, medium Diet coke (one refill)

Friday Dinner (in Wooster)Burger King – Whopper, large fries, large Diet Coke (partial refill)…………..and then we went straight to Coldstone and Amber and I split one of those apple pie ice cream things

All in all, I’m surprised my blood is still moving (and I’m thankful that it is). And so, as the title suggests, I will be detoxing from going out to eat for awhile………………… least until I stop sweating hamburger grease.



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2 responses to “Detox

  1. Wow! in 05 when we were being whined and dined by churches I actually went through a phase where I couldn’t eat out anymore and hated burgers…..are you there?

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