Favorite Song Ever

With all this bracket talk and with mine being torched within the first 11 games of the tournament (Georgetown, honestly), I have decided to make a bracket for my Favorite Songs Ever. They’ve all been seeded and will throw down on my online bracket which you can find here. The Rules are simple: each song will be judged based on out of those two songs, if I could only listen to one of them at that very moment, which one would it be? This will not be easy, it will be a long and difficult road, but nonetheless, it must be done. So follow along with me each day as we find out together what my Favorite Song Ever is. Round 1 starts tomorrow!

*EDIT – We’re all the way to the Final Four! Check out who survived!



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5 responses to “Favorite Song Ever

  1. Rhett

    Where are you sailing to Skipper?

  2. this is a magical mixture of pop culture and ridiculous!

  3. Jess Artrip

    i clicked on here already knowing mark artrip would be one of the two comments…..and i was correct.

  4. sarahknepper

    i am also a bit outraged, i’ll be honest. for example…
    ‘shine’ over ‘hide & seek’ by imogen heap??
    ‘wonderwall’ over ‘fell in love with a boy’?? (that one is really upsetting josh. i mean really)
    i felt sad that ‘every moment’ by joy williams had to go up against ‘watchtower’, because i love that song, but clearly watchtower has to win.

    possibly i’m pathetic for getting so into this. i can’t help it.

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