Saturday Night for a Jr. High Youth Guy

Well, it’s a Saturday night (as if you couldn’t tell from the title) and I’m about to leave the church and go home. You might be asking what I’m doing here at 8:19 and frankly, I just finished asking myself that. So I thought for my own sanity (letting me know that I’m not just wasting time up here) and for anyone who cares, here’s what I’ve done since I’ve arrived from Donatos (I love that place!).

     – Organized (picked up off of the ground) my stack  of 60 “Spiritual Gifts Tests” for tomorrow morning

     – Printed, copied, and stapled 10 more South Bend Mission Trip Applications

     – Got more pens for our Sunday Morning. They seriously disappear faster than cream puffs at Louie Anderson’s house.

     – Collected copies of the music for the Jr. High band tomorrow (Let the Praises Ring, Let Your Light Shine, Facedown, Draw Me Close).

     – Threw all my stuff in my wagon and took it down to the Student Center so it will be waiting for me tomorrow morning

     – Set up the stage and the Resource Table so that also will be ready for me tomorrow

That’s not what I do every Saturday night, but that’s what I did tonight. It varies, but I’m usually always doing something in preparation for the chance to help bring Jr. High students to a greater understanding of the Scriptures, their Savior, and where they fit in a world that is intent on their destruction. I love what I do. I’m now getting ready to bust out of here so I can go over the message a couple times and then hang with my wife for the rest of the night. Giddeyup!


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