So here are some questions that I have been wrestling with for awhile. Could Jesus have sinned? I know that he didn’t, but could he or did he just choose not to? And if he couldn’t sin, then were the temptations in Matthew 4 valid? I’ve been working on some answers, but just throwing those out there.




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  1. We were just talking about that last night! I don’t have a good answer for you…

  2. throw this in the mixwhen we get to heaven will we be able to sin?lucifer sinned in heavendoes that make it not perfect anymore.too bad you dropped bib stud and went pe… maybe you could have answered these for us.

  3. dude my small group talked about this for two straight weeks on accident in our hebrews study it was so great it really challenged me and messed with me. we should talk on the 11th.

  4. Anonymous

    i don’t really have an absolute answer… but as i’ve thought about it since you asked it… Christ is a bit of a mystery to be embraced, however if he was incapable of sin then he wouldn’t really be 100% human. if he wasn’t fully man then how does the truth of John chapter 1 really work as he’s the lived out example of what God speaks? and if Jesus couldn’t have actually sinned then the temptations weren’t valid… because as his people… what then do we have to relate to in Jesus if was not actually fully man? and if we cannot relate to Jesus… what is the point of this faith we have? it’s as valid as any other nice hypothesis…i have no clue if this makes sense. just adding to the puzzle see ya soon

  5. Anonymous

    good question… i’m not sure exactly. will be with folks christmas eve and day. but gotta head back down here to finish work for a meeting thursday. i’ll holla and let ya know

  6. That is a prfound question… you must be a youth ministry guy.I would write out a lot of thoughts on this, but I’m gonna have to just tag team Rhett.I really do think that Jesus, in his humaness, had the “capacity” to sin. However, we must realize that he was really 200 %. 100 % Man, 100% God. This fact alone takes this argument out of the realm of human reasoning because in our world, 200% doesn’t really happen if you’re talking about what people are made of. I think it’s the 100% God that’s the key to your question. The temptation Jesus faced was 100% valid, but it’s the God part of him that made his resistance to temptation infinite. Again, just a thought.

  7. I didn’t mean to erase your comment. Sorry. School is great. I am getting involved with Campus Crusade and I joined a sorority (I know, crazy) that is always taking me out of my comfort zone but I love BG and am having a great time. I feel God will is really making me stronger for the future. Oh by the way congrats!!! Soon to be married Josh. Happy New Years!

  8. these are the ones that influenced me, not the wrestling scene in general

  9. got nothin to say about jesus …. just good catch on the beatles line. i got the “love” cd for christmas and, ironically enough, love it.hey, are you still wanting me to come talk about africa? let me know…

  10. perhaps you were asking all of those questions because you were listening to dixie chicks???? perhaps… hope you’ve been wrestling and finding answers:)

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