Here you go. It’s official. Check out the ring in the first picture. The other two are just bonus pictures.
If you haven’t figured it out, Amber and I are engaged. I made a video of it, as soon as I figure out how to get it on here, you’ll see it.


*EDIT – The close-up picture of the ring isn’t uploading right. When I get it to work, then it’ll be up here.



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  1. Anonymous

    CONGRATULATIONS JOSH!!!! I’m happy for you both…also, I got my project done this past weekend thanks to your help….

  2. u can hardly see that ring man. i was thinking it was going to burn my eyes out, but i have to squint to barely see it. haha congrats bro. if u need like an underoath cover at ur wedding, you know who to call….underoath

  3. yay!! congrats! Al and i were wonderin’ when it would happen…. and yeah – a bigger picture of the ring would be fun. 🙂 i’m happy for you!!!

  4. congratulations!!!! i’m way excited for you two.

  5. i wish you understood how happy i was that this is not the way i found out about it. you should get something in the mail tomorrow , i mailed it monday morning early.

  6. put the video up already…….gosh. and i need the kalahari video soon. can you just put it up on youtube so i can show it wednesday?

  7. Anonymous

    Good to hear, buddy! Congratulations!Take care of yourself . . . and now your fiance as well.

  8. woot…that’s all i can say at the moment…woot

  9. Hey whutz up I am not doing anthing at my new house.

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