Well, it’s Tuesday of THE week of THE game between THE Ohio State Buckeyes and those other guys. I can’t wait until Saturday. Not as much as Nathan D., but still siked nonetheless. Had a sweet weekend. Mostly because I went to see Appleseed Cast and Copeland on Saturday night in Cleveland w/Alison Bisesi and Paula Boehm and it was AMAZING. Even though I spent the whole night by myself on the floor 2 people away from the stage and the girls spent the evening back sitting on stools behind the railing, it was still sweet. But it got me thinking…..what are some of my favorite concerts that I’ve been to? Somebody asked this on their zanga awhile ago and I responded to their question pretty confidently. But I’ve been to a bunch since then, so here’s the updated Top 15 Concerts I’ve Ever Been To In My Life

1. Dave Matthews Band, Chicago, 2002

2. U2, Cleveland, 2005

3. Copeland/Appleseed Cast, Cleveland, 2006

4. Underoath, Chicago, 2005

5. Busta Rhymes/Run DMC, Cleveland, 2003

6. The Used, Columbus, 2004

7. Dave Matthews Band, Cleveland, 2005

8. MxPx, Cleveland, 2000

9. Vanessa Carlton, Nashville, 2004

10. Grits, Ft. Wayne, 2004 (Godsound opened for ’em)

11. Newsboys, Columbus, 1995

12. Huey Lewis and the News, Cleveland, 2003

13. Dave Matthews Band, Cleveland, 2002

14. dc Talk/Michael W. Smith, Columbus, 1993

15. Out of Eden, Indianapolis, 2002

There you have it. Do you have a list? I’m sure you do (Mark). But can you make your list with less than 5 dc talk concerts? We’ll see. Happy listing.

PS – I saw Babel last night. Hmmm



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  1. babel? was it amazing…i saw borat. it was dirty and i’m glad i saw it alone. but it was hilarious.
    1. coldplay in chi2. ben folds at ball state3. coldplay in milwaukee4. copeland/applessed in cleve5. dc talk sometime in the 1990s in cleve (cant leave out the first one)

  2. my top five…
    5.  Turniquet at Cornerstone 91
    4.  Sixpence at Icthus 92
    3.  Matt Redman Facedown Conference 04
    2.  Delirious at the Roxy in ATL 01
    1.  Impromptu worship gathering at midnight during new staff training for Young Life down at Southwind in Florida 97 – Justin McRoberts along with about 12 others of us with guitars expressing our hearts to God.  When we slowed down enough to see what was happening there was about 200 others in the room.  It was about 2am and we prayed and played on into the night… (and slept during the following morning session)  It wasn’t what most of us would call a concert but I can’t think of any other word to describe it looking back on it now.

  3. Yes #10 wins my vote…only cause i got free tickets an back stage passes…yes I’m with the band…and now…kind of in a very tiny insignificant way…i am

  4. actually that picture is taken at my in-laws house in Woo-town… although it does sort of look like the Haymakers place.

  5. is that really ALL the news you have?  i mean, really……………….

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