Music that’s been shaping me right now
-Regina Spektor
-Bebo Norman

Books that have been shaping me right now
-Blue Like Jazz
-NIV Study Bible

I’ve been working in a church for 3 weeks. I never thought I would be here, where I am right now. It’s been absolute mayhem since I started and a whirlwind for me since day one. And no matter how many hours that are spent each week, I can’t imagine doing anything else right now.




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  1. so courtney gordon is my favorite.  you were right, she is amazing.

  2. Dude whats up. I hope the whole being a adult thing is going sweet. I will be home for fall break and I will defiantly have to stop and say hey, I mean you only live two streets away.

  3. we’re in the same stateand you havent even visited up north yet

  4. fo’ real. a whole friggin’ hour. we MUST all get together very soon. macedonia misses you.

  5. kicked in the face during a soccer gamebut it might as well been a fightbecause the girl obviously kicked her face instead of the ballbooo solon.
    november 11th?!?! yay.

  6. hey what up dog… your boys from woo took on the chin this year in football… how’s things at the church?  I’m glad you’re there let me know if I can be of any help.

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