Today was a day that I will not soon forget. But to ensure that I don’t forget, I figure I should type it out while I still remember it. I went down to Columbus with Nick C. and Mark L. and we went down to watch a closed Ohio State practice and meet with the Athletes in Action guys to talk about their “Main Event” outreach that is coming up at the end of October. We got invited with some other pastors and guys who are partnering with them in order to make this event a success.

We got there around 2 and hung out in the lobby of the Woody Hayes Center and looked at all the Big Ten, Heisman, Lombardi, Fiesta Bowl, and National Championship trophies. Then we went into the practice area and there they all were. We stood at near corner and watched all of practice. We saw everybody. Kinda far away, but still really cool to watch. After they were done, we went outside and walked around their outdoor facilities.

When we came back in, we were walking around and walked by this window that had this lady in it (it was an office). Well, Mark walked by and was kinda looking in and he said to Nick and I, “Hey guys, Tressel’s RIGHT THERE.” We didn’t believe him, but walked over anyway and sweet dear if it wasn’t the man himself loading the fax machine. Nick and I were just standing there looking at him as he’s holding his pieces of paper and then he looks up and looks right at us. So what do Nick and I do? We wave of course. And Tressel being the dude, waves back.

Then, after that, we’re standing at the edge of the field and we look across the field and see this guy getting interviewed. We can’t tell who it is, but he gets up and starts walking towards us with his wife and kid and we’re racking our brain trying to figure out who it is. Then I see his face and I start to flip out (on the inside of course. On the outside I’m cool as a cucumber) because I realize that it’s THE Eddie George! Yeah, he’s walking right towards us. He’s got his family with him, so we don’t bother him with a picture or autograph, but he says what’s up to us and Nick says something about his kid to him and they exchange a laugh.

Later, after we go eat, we come back and are congregating in the lobby again waiting for their team meeting to let out so we can meet with the Athletes in Action guys. Well, the meeting lets out and we realize that the meeting place is right where the guys are coming from and start to file out and walk right by us. So we’re standing there and here comes Antonio Pittman, Maurice Wells, Ted Ginn (who I got a picture of), and pretty much every player on the team. The only guys we didn’t see were Anthony Gonzalez and Troy Smith.

So after they guys came out, we went in and met with the AIA guys and some of the players. It was hosted by Joel Penton and also had Roy Hall and some other players in the meeting. The meeting was opened by Joel, but then he introduced Tressel who talked for probably 10 minutes about vision and what this event is all about. I couldn’t believe that the coach of the ..1 team in the nation would take time out of practice and analyzing game film the week before Penn State just to hang out with some pastors and talk about Jesus. It was pretty sweet.

After the meeting, we left and walked by the National Championship trophy one more time and then came home. Not a bad day. Not bad at all. It’s just another day in the ministry and another day that I’m reminded that I’m glad I’m not working in a factory.



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  1. Anonymous

    hey josh, will i still be able to get your project this weekend? is amber still coming to visit you?

  2. i think this means i can never offer you a ticket ever again.i’m just saying.

  3. Anonymous

    that’s real sweet man
    we’re going to be at that big event deal. one of the AIA guys goes to our church… he’s for OWU but works with the Bucks dudes. i heard about the thing yesterday and totally forgot to press gary about getting me there… dah well… wanna go to a bucks game sometime this season?? i got connections i’ll explain soon

  4. do you realize that everyone you talked about is younger than you???…I mean all the guys on those teams…younger than you. Hey old man good thing you get so excited about some youngins playing with a dead pigskin…gross…and they will win against penn state because let’s face it penn state is poo this year…sad day for me…i’m bitter.

  5. I am so jealous I have to admit Josh. Yes I was in a lab group with Mike Nugent, yes I was partnered with Andy Katzenmoyer (?). But no…never that close to Tressel and other team members, AND Eddie George!!!! Wow..sounds like it was pretty amazing, Tressel is such a good guy, and I know Joel P. is too, he was in Campus Crusade. Well I’m glad you had a good time, even though I’m still jealous :). Have a great day

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